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Evaluating the surface potential of land assets is usually straightforward. But how can you measure possible underground liabilities? Potential problems include disturbance, erosion, poor compaction, cavities, buried channels, abandoned services, concealed working, buried hazards and unexploded ordnance. These, in addition to naturally occurring faults, folds, joints and fissures, can transform profitable prospects into costly mistakes.

Zetica offers a holistic, fit-for-purpose approach to site assessment. Our modern, cost-effective survey techniques turn complex streams of valuable data into clear images of the underground environment. This helps clients to avoid costly practical problems and maximise site potential. Zetica has extensive, global experience, working wherever an informed understanding of the sub-site environment supports engineering improvement and investment work.

Today, planners often call for an initial view of the underground environment before designing their traditional, quantitative core drilling programmes. Zetica can reveal the subterranean landscape, and identify important factors such as changes in material properties and the presence of concealed structures.


Zetica comes from a Greek word ‘zetetic’ meaning: to proceed by enquiry, to investigate

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