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Zetica in the Media

MP3 extract from the Unexploded ordnance feature on the Jeremy Vine BBC Radio 2 show - bbc.co.uk

How to Find WWII-Era Unexploded Munitions - wired.com

Zetica help military engineers defuse giant World War II bomb in London - SignOnSanDiego.com

Zetica help UK Engineers Defuse, Destroy WWII-Era Bomb - CBSNews.com

World War Two bomb found close to Olympic site - insidethegames.com

Danger: uxb - Propertyweek.com

Key 2012 contractors awarded - but mind the bombs - insidethegames.com

Report warns about World War Two bombs - insidethegames.com

Inside Out investigation into unexploded wartime bombs - bbc.co.uk

'WWII bomb risk' to Olympic site - bbc.co.uk

Wartime bomb danger - bbc.co.uk

Hitler's Buried Bombs Threaten Cleanup of London Olympics Site - bloomberg.com

Research maps out unexploded bomb locations - huntspost.co.uk

Tendring: Unexploded bomb warning - gazette-news.co.uk

The UXB dangers in East Anglia - edp24.co.uk

Soilmec digs deeps into Bangkok's soft soil for condo foundations - mining-journal.com

Best practice sought for bomb clearance - nce.co.uk

Bringing radar technology to the tube - metronetrail.com

Zetica - Advanced Rail Radar System, Trackbed Evaluation and Maintenance - railway-technology.com

Talking Point - Mike Sainsbury calls for more clarity from guidance on methods used to detect unexploded ordnance. - nce.co.uk

Zetica helps UK engineers defuse, safely destroy WWII-era bomb - wtop.com

Decades later, London finds a bomb - marketplace.publicradio.org

Hundreds of bombs could still be buried - eveningstar.co.uk

British Army Defuses Giant WWII-Era Bomb in London - foxnews.com

Why you are more likely to dig up old WWII bomb in Essex - echo-news.co.uk

Maps to pinpoint unexploded WW2 bombs - itvlocal.com

Zetica help UK engineers defuse, safely destroy WWII-era bomb - comcast

Giant unexploded WWII bomb found at Olympic construction site - tv3.co.nz

Zetica on Radio Kent - bbc.co.uk

Press releases

Bombs Away
- Wired, October 2011

Demystifying UXO detection
- GeoDrilling International, June 2011

Updated London Unexploded Bomb Risk Maps
- February 2011

The importance of being prepared
- October 2010

Zetica Surveying
- August 2010

The SiteSafe Alliance The UKs leading organisation for helping developers deal cost effectively with the risk from Unexploded Ordnance
- June 2010

Zetica finds 1,000lb UXB from Second World War
- May 2010

Zetica reveals quicker and safer UXB detection
- May 2010

Paying for a free service?
- April 2010

WW2 bomb found in Essex
- March 2010

Geo Drilling article on UXO desk studies
- February 2010


In recognition of a combined 35years in the business, Jon Gascoyne and Asger Eriksen were approached by the editors of the new Encyclopedia of Geology to write an article on Engineering Geophysics.

Engineering Geophysics: J K Gascoyne, A S Eriksen: Volume 1, Encyclopedia of Geology: Elsevier, 2004.

Guidance for drillers on geophysical surveys

GeoDrilling International article - February 2005

Archived press releases

October 2007
Estimate the depth of burial of a UXB and quantify the risk of striking a UXB

September 2007
Zetica completes UK map of WWII unexploded bomb risk


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