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February 2011 Special edition

NEW: Updated London Unexploded Bomb Risk Maps

This is a special edition of Zetica’s eNews to mark the launch of our new London Unexploded Bomb Risk Maps.  Available FREE of charge from our website, the updated maps add to our continuing efforts to make UXO risk assessment more transparent and objective for all.

UXB hazard map

The original UXB risk maps have been relied upon by consultants, developers, and a wide range of other organisations for a number of years now.  They have become increasing popular for those undertaking preliminary Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) desk studies, in order to confirm whether they need to approach a UXO specialist to undertake a detailed UXO desk study. 

Each downloaded UXB risk map for the Greater London area now includes new maps that help identify areas more likely to require risk mitigation and which method of risk mitigation could be most appropriate.

MagCone/MagDrill map

Zetica’s original hazard map has been enhanced, so that it is easier to identify the densest areas  of bombing and associated risk.  It means that higher risk areas such as the East End of London are more clearly identified. 

The second of the new maps uses geological information to guide you as to whether a probing (e.g. CPT) or drilling-based UXB detection technique is more appropriate for risk mitigation.  This is important as the use of an inappropriate method could result in insufficient depth of detection or a less cost effective technique being deployed. 

Risk mitigation maps

Allied to geology is the predicted depth of burial of any UXB. Have a go at estimating this yourself using Zetica’s on-line bomb depth calculator.

You can download the new London maps as well as the UXB risk maps for the rest of the UK from here.

Please direct all queries to Mike Sainsbury on 01993-886682 or email uxo@zetica.com

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