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June 2012

Zetica - e-news

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Bucking the recession and redundancy trend

It’s been almost a year since our last eNews, and so much has happened.  After a record breaking year and with staff numbers topping 50, we have not had chance to update you on what we have been up to.  Here are just a few highlights.

Zetica opens its new Innovation Centre

We have opened a purpose-built research, development and innovation facility, giving us a dedicated space to build and develop new systems and products.  Whether it is developing more efficient ways to undertake surveys or developing a system to meet a client’s specific requirement, the new Innovation Centre allows us more space to work on a number of projects at the same time. 

Zetica - e-news

Zetica’s CEO Dr Asger Eriksen said ‘This is all exciting stuff which puts Zetica and its clients at the cutting edge’.

Combined with our test site, we now have a great facility to develop solutions for clients.  We currently have projects programmed that will focus on remote monitoring and data transfer, multiple sensor arrays, high speed ground penetrating radar (GPR) and 3D GPR. 

If you have a particular requirement for which you need a technology development solution, let us know contact us.

Framework contracts with the Environment Agency, Network Rail and National Grid.

After rigorous prequalification and tendering processes (including formal interviews), Zetica has been successful in winning a number of framework contracts this year. 

A contract with the Environment Agency (EA) has been running for a few months now and has been hugely successful with the EA drawing on our experience and professionalism in utility services detection, topographic surveying and Unexploded Ordnance consultancy among other services. 

We have also been successful in winning a framework contract with the Murphy Group who facilitated this on behalf of National Grid.  The scope is for a wide range of services to include topographic surveying, pylon surveys, utility services detection, buried hazard detection, geophysical surveys, and intrusive ground investigation where required. 

Zetica - e-news

We have also been awarded a framework contract on behalf of Network Rail through its consultants Aecom, with whom Zetica already has a long relationship and good track record.  The scope of works is wide ranging including all of Zetica’s services from topographic surveys to UXO consultancy.

Zetica’s MD Mike Sainsbury said ‘ Our experience of framework contracts to date has proved really positive as we get to know and understand our clients better, ensuring they get exactly what they need.  Early contractor involvement is good for the customer as it reduces the cost of design and tendering and it is good for us to provide the most cost effective solution.’

International projects

Antarctica is the only continent we have not worked on during the last year or so (although we think that won’t last for long as one of our staff has a background in GPR surveys over glaciers!). 

We have always provided a wide range of services across the globe from engineering geophysics to high speed radar (ZARR), but our reputation and involvement with high profile projects is growing.  More and more we are being asked to review data, oversee field work, critically assess results, and provide professional opinion for some very high profile projects. These include the assessment of UXO hazards along a marine pipeline in Europe, ground stability assessment for a new Capital City in the Middle East and railway trackbed condition in Australasia.

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We have worked in USA, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Australia. The team have experienced some extremes of climate too from the Saudi desert to the freezing cold of the Kyrgyzstan mountains in winter.  We will soon be working in China too!

If you have an international project where you need a professional quality approach then contacts us.

New Topographic surveying team

OK, Zetica has had a topographic team for sometime now, but we have some fresh faces at the helm.  Jon Burman as the Survey Manager and Scott Slingsby as the Senior Surveyor will be working as a close knit team based in the southeast to grow the topographic mapping capability of the company and develop a cutting edge approach to surveying.  Supported by surveying teams at our head office, they provide topographic surveying (as well as surveys such as utility services detection) nationally across the UK.

Zetica - e-news

Keep an eye out for an eNews special focussing on our Topographic surveying team.  In the meantime, if you have topographic surveying requirements, please contact us.


We provide seminars on the ‘Uses and abuses of Geophysics’ and ‘Unexploded Ordnance – Separating fact from fiction’. 

Uses and abuses of Geophysics This seminar illustrates by a series of case studies where non-intrusive survey techniques can be utilised to best effect.  It is generally a real eye opener for those who attend as it shows how geophysics can help them better understand and manage risks for their clients, whilst not increasing costs of the surveys.  It can provide a significant competitive advantage.

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Unexploded Ordnance – Separating fact from fiction This seminar details good practice in the assessment and mitigation of the risk presented by UXO hazards.  It also highlights poor practice which is commonly exhibited by many UXO specialist in the UK.  Issues discussed in detail are the initial risk assessment, ordnance detection and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).

Zetica - e-news

The seminars typically last about an hour depending on questions.

Click here to request a seminar.

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