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October 2007

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Estimate the depth of burial of a UXB and quantify the risk of striking a UXB

Zetica Ltd is pleased to announce the completion of tools available on our website for determining the likely depth of burial of a UXB (UXB-DC) and calculating the probability of detonating UXB during intrusive works (UXB-PC).

Unexploded bomb depth calculator (UXB-DC)

The UXB-DC uses MoD guidance tables for average bomb penetration depths in common UK soil and rock types for different bomb sizes, assuming a range of strike angles and strike speeds. Zetica have used this as a starting point to derive a multilayer UXB depth penetration model which has proved to be of great practical value to derive the maximum depth a UXB for different soil conditions.

UXB DC applet screenshot


Unexploded bomb probability calculator (UXB-PC)

This applet is based on an analytic solution developed by Zetica Ltd to calculate the probability of detonation of a UXB for site activities including drilling and piling. The solution provides a quantitative measure of the risk of striking a UXB which can be combined with other land development and construction risks.

Input parameters are the number and dimensions of possible UXB as supported by documentary evidence and details of the intrusive method to be used, i.e. randomly located boreholes / CPT’s or a regular grid of piles.

The assumptions underlying the calculation are discussed in the following reference: statistical assessment article.

UXB PC applet screenshot

Zetica Ltd can also provide customised Monte Carlo simulations of the risk of detonation using a customer’s precise phase 2 site investigation design or pile layout drawing as a starting point. Please direct all queries to uxo@zetica.com.

CEO, Asger Eriksen, says “The basis for estimating the likely depth of burial of a UXB has been considered a black art made worse by the inconsistent nature of the advice given by different  ‘experts’. As this knowledge is critical to designing risk mitigation measures, we have long believed that the information underpinning formal depth estimates should be made generally available. The best advert for the UXB-DC applet is the fact that our UXO specialists and researchers use it every day. In addition to this a formalised statistical approach to assessing the risk of UXO for land owners, developers or consultants has been developed. Our UXB-PC tool provides a statistically rigorous method for quantifying these risks so that the potential impact of a few boreholes on a site or a dense grid of clustered piles can be quantified. We trust you will find these tools useful.”


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