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September 2007

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WWII bomb risk maps
Download risk maps for your region (over 50 regions across the UK)
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Measuring the risk of detonating unexploded bombs
Web-based applet to allow users to input parameters and calculate an order of magnitude risk of detonation

Limits of detection of unexploded ordnance are you getting what you paid for?
White paper on physical limits of detection for surface- and borehole-based geophysical methods

Statistical assessment of the risk of unexploded bombs
Paper published in Ground Engineering, May 2006

UXO frequently asked questions
Download a list of FAQ demystifying various aspects of unexploded ordnance

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UXB WWII bomb map illustrating a downloaded area map

Zetica Ltd is pleased to announce the completion of the remainder of the World War Two bomb risk maps for the United Kingdom. An estimated 10% of bombs dropped during WWII failed to explode. These can still pose a threat to activities such as piling, drilling, tunnelling and excavations in high risk areas. Over 50 maps are now available free of charge by clicking on https://zeticauxo.com/downloads-and-resources/risk-maps/ and selecting your area of interest. These maps have become the UK’s standard desktop resource for customers assessing the likelihood of an unexploded ordnance risk to their development.

Managing Director, Mike Sainsbury, says “Our bomb risk maps are the first port of call for anyone interested in evaluating the risk of UXO on their sites in the UK. Since we first posted these maps in 2006, many thousands of maps have been downloaded and continue to be downloaded highlighting their usefulness to landowners, consultants, contractors, vendors, historians, educational institutes and researchers. We are proud to be associated with this product and trust that the improved coverage will be of value to an even larger user group.”

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