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Proving that ground is fit-for-purpose

Knowing the rippability of bedrock can be crucial in project planning. Accurately assessing the strength and composition of made ground and unconsolidated overburden is essential in load-bearing and piling calculations.

The presence of buried channels, pits, sinkholes, voids and artificial or geological horizons can seriously affect engineering design. Similarly existing foundations, active service utilities and the integrity of hidden pipelines may influence key decision making.

Zetica’s engineering geophysics services offers a means of minimising the risk of the unknown and linking ground truth information in often sparse boreholes.

Ray trace plot for seismic tomography survey

Velocity image for seismic tomography survey




  • Seismic reflection & refraction
  • Surface wave methods (including SASW, MASW)
  • Microgravity
  • Electromagnetic (including GPR)
  • Electrical (including resistivity)
  • Magnetic


  • Crosshole seismic (P & S-wave)
  • Crosshole resistivity & GPR
  • Seismic tomography
  • Wireline logging (including caliper, gamma, sonic, flow)




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