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Defining unknown problems

Accurate delineation of landfill geometry, site edges and buried features can provide vital data for responsible site management, remedial work, reclamation and environmental compliance.

Zetica's use of an array of satellite, airborne and surface scanning techniques provides key information for detailed interpolation to reveal the subsurface environment. This can disclose important boundaries between waste material, fluid migration pathways, hot spots caused by methane generation, leachate seepage, compaction levels, and ferrous and radioactive deposits. Hydrogeological information - on fracture systems and groundwater table topography - can also be disclosed that may affect landfill construction.



  • Locate edge of closed landfill
  • Locate depth extent of landfill
  • Map off-site extent of leachate plume
  • Map location of buried metal (eg drums)
  • Map extent of underground fires
  • Map areas of methane emissions
  • Map groundwater surface and flow paths
  • Map bedrock depths
  • Map depth to clay aquitard



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