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Making peace of mind part of the deal

Zetica’s Landsweep™ is a cost effective service that combines sophisticated, non-intrusive sensing technologies to ensure that hidden anomalies and disturbed ground are fully identified and correctly interpreted. Pipelines, abandoned storage tanks, contaminated waste deposits and remnants of earlier engineering structures are typical potential hazards. These can be pinpointed accurately, ready for detailed, conventional investigation.

Engineering and environmental ‘surprises’ that could lead to costly mid-project replanning and excessive remedial action can now be taken into account before major financial commitments are made. Use Landsweep™ to reduce the risk of the unknown and to help target trial pits and boreholes more effectively.


Typical users

  • Local authorities
  • Environment Agency
  • Earthworks contractors
  • Engineering consultants
  • Environmental consultants
  • House builders
  • Developers
  • Environmental lawyers







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