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Pipeline and cable route surveys

Zetica’s integrated high productivity surveys deliver:

  • Detailed corridor-wide information for route selection
  • Optimise the cost effectiveness of site investigation by targeting anomalous features with fewer boreholes
  • Minimise cost and logistics of land access issues due to short time on site required for surveys
  • Minimise the risk of change orders during construction
  • Improve safety of construction works by mapping buried hazards
  • Monitor existing infrastructure for early warning of land settlement.



Typical applications

A single pass multi-sensor survey can locate:

  • Changes in alluvium thickness, presence of intrusives and the transition from clay to gravels
  • Sinkholes and groundwater
  • Areas that may be prone to collapse during excavation
  • Unexploded ordnance (UXO)
  • Buried waste materials and in-filled ground
  • Buried archaeological features
  • Existing cables, pipes and other services
  • Changes in soil corrosivity.






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