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Managing the risk of unexploded ordnance

The safe removal of unexploded ordnance – whether as a result of conflict or weapons testing – can unlock key development land.

Zetica’s Sitesafe service helps to remove this unquantified military hazard from the calculations of developers, house builders, planners and engineers.

Zetica provides a one-stop shop for unexploded ordnance risk assessment, ordnance detection, identification and clearance and is dedicated to improving the consistency and standards of ordnance and explosive contamination advice offered to customers in the UK and Europe.

Risk mitigation advice is based on factual information – Zetica has compiled the largest database of known ordnance activity in the UK – coupled with in-depth knowledge of the behaviour of ordnance in different ground conditions. Site works are designed to reduce risk to acceptable levels.



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Advanced sensor technology

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UXO clearance
Removing the threat of unexploded ordnance

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UXB Probability Calculator

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