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Advanced sensor technology

Rapidly detect unexploded ordnance and map in-ground structures using Zetica's Sitesafe service. Our MAGCONE leading-edge technology combines the most robust and efficient ground-probing system with a high-resolution magnetometer. This unique combination enables exceptional productivity and associated cost savings, ensuring you deliver projects on time and on budget.


Zetica's Sitesafe service helps to reduce and manage the underground risks faced by brownfield developers, house builders, construction contractors and consultants. Our MAGCONE probing system clears the way for piling, excavation and tunnelling by confirming a site is safe from unexploded ordnance. Obstacles can be avoided by using the information to modify pile location plans or to conduct a bomb clearance programme if necessary. Sitesafe is a vital service for the redevelopment of brownfield sites and locations where ordnance or buried obstructions may pose a special risk - such as sites that were subjected to wartime bombing, and former military ranges.



  • High productivity - a fast and effective service
  • Proven reliability in all site conditions
  • Robust design coupled with unique, industry-leading technology
  • Efficient identification of unexploded bombs (UXB), other hazards and in-ground features
  • Flexible - combines with standard cone penetration tests for piling design



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