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Why carry out utility surveys?

  • Health and safety guidance published in the UK recommends checking for underground services prior to undertaking any ground works.
  • To meet the company's obligations under CDM regulations and the Health and Safety at Work Act to ensure the safety of site staff.
  • To limit the chances of incurring unexpected project costs due to standing time during construction.
  • To limit the chances of potentially costly litigation from third parties.
  • To provide additional valuable information on other unrecorded in-ground obstructions and hazards such as underground storage tanks, foundations and basements.

Buried services mapped using an active electromagnetic system image


Typical procedures

  • Review of available utility plans
  • Visual inspection of access chambers
  • Tracing of identified utilities
  • Scanning of survey area to identify unrecorded utilities
  • GPR scanning to detect non-metallic utilities
  • CCTV surveys of drains
  • Marking out identified services on site
  • Mapping in-ground structures
  • Detailed topographic surveys


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