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UXB database

Measure your unexploded bomb risk

Detailed density and spread of bombs dropped during 1939-1945 image

Zetica is in the unique position of owning a comprehensive database that details the density and spread of bombs dropped during 1939-1945 throughout the UK. This database can verify the likelihood of unexploded ordnance in all localities and Zetica invites you to test it. Simply send us your contact details on the faxback form and in return you will receive a specific UXB profile for your region.



Registered abandoned UXB key image Registered abandoned UXB
Wartime UXB key image Wartime UXB
Bomb impact key image Bomb impact
Strategic target key image Strategic target i.e. , factory, military building, communications

Bomb damage

Bomb damage high key image High
Bomb damage medium key image Medium
Bomb damage low key image Low




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