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UXB risk assessment

Measure your unexploded bomb risk


A large part of Zetica's business is taking care of the threat from unexploded bombs (UXB) so clients don't have to worry about the risk. One simple way we can help is by sharing our knowledge of bombing distribution - so we've published the maps you see here AND we are offering to provide you with a bombing map for the area of your choice from our database on request. Please read on.

Thankfully many rural areas are at low risk, though UXBs turn up in the most unexpected places! The main area of concern is that many thousands of bombs fell on major cities in the UK during World War II. The estimated 10% of bombs that did not explode or were not rendered safe poses a real danger to construction workers, property and third parties. Published figures indicate that hundreds of UXBs may remain active around the country.but there's no need to panic! The risk of an explosion is very small if the right measures are taken.

Be prepared

It makes sense to have access to UXB location information so that appropriate levels of precaution can be put in place. Without these you could experience extended disruption such as road closures and emergency evacuation of personnel and residents. Such incidents occur about once a month and are most frequent in cities shown as high risk in our map of bomb risk in Britain.

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