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Experts in the field


From underground storage tanks on brownfield sites to waste disposal pits below a farmer’s field, hidden subterranean features carrying significant environmental risks can cause costly project delays and threats to health and safety.


At Zetica, we help you mitigate these risks through non-invasive geophysical surveys, mapping a wide range of buried hazards to inform your environmental studies and reduce project uncertainties.


We can also help identify the occurrence of archaeology, detecting and mapping hidden evidence of previous human activity.


Internationally recognised as experts in this field, our clients include government bodies like the Environment Agency and English Heritage, as well as large utility companies such as National Grid.





Why choose Zetica?


As one of the largest specialist environmental geophysics companies in the UK, Zetica can mobilise multiple survey crews for environmental projects anywhere in the world.

Whether it’s mapping landfill locations or identifying the source of a contamination, our experienced engineers will design a survey that meets your needs – and apply it in cost-effective manner.

Indeed, we routinely deploy multi-sensor survey platforms to reduce the time required to capture combined data for geotechnical, environmental and archaeological applications. Why employ three companies to map evidence of soil conditions, unlicensed landfills and Roman archaeology on a pipeline project, when Zetica can take care of it all



How else can our environmental surveys help?


  • Identifying pathways for contaminants
  • Early warning of a breach in a containment structure
  • Identifying variations in the composition of buried waste
  • Detecting buried structures such as cellars, culverts and drains
  • Identifying geological boundaries, aquifers and aquitards
  • Detailed mapping of industrial and pre-industrial archaeological features
  • Monitoring leaks in landfill liners / Quality control liner construction
  • Monitoring the integrity of containment structures such as waste dams and tanks



Keen to find out more?


To discuss your project with one of our geophysical engineers or to get an estimate for our services, please just call (0)1993 886 682.