Landfill Surveys

Geophysical surveys on closed or active waste sites


While vital for environmental compliance, the characterisation of landfill and waste sites can often be hindered by poor historical records.


At Zetica, our non-invasive surveys help provide a clear and up-to-date picture of the site’s subterranean features – providing accurate delineation of landfill geometry, site boundaries and much more, all without disturbing the ground.


This provides vital data to facilitate responsible site management, remedial work and reclamation, as well as ensuring ongoing compliance with an ever-increasing raft of environmental legislation.


Working with Birmingham University, Zetica have also been involved with permanent monitoring of a landfill cell in the UK to detect early signs of leachate migration.

How our landfill surveys can be used


We use an array of non-invasive scanning techniques to reveal the sub-surface environment. This data can disclose important boundaries between waste material, fluid migration pathways, leachate seepage, compaction levels , hot spots caused by methane generation, and radioactive deposits.


Hydrogeological information (on fracture systems and groundwater table topography) can also be disclosed that may affect landfill construction.


Our surveys can also be used to:


  • Locate edge of closed landfill
  • Locate depth extent of landfill
  • Map location of buried metal (eg drums)
  • Map extent of underground fires
  • Map areas of methane emissions
  • Map groundwater surface and bedrock depths
  • Map depth to clay aquitard

Talk to us about a landfill project


To find out how Zetica’s geophysical landfill surveys can work for you, please just speak to one of our engineers on (0)1993 886 682 or contact us online.