Foundation & Geotechnics

Laying the groundwork for foundation design


Whether you’re seeking to lay building foundations, drainage systems or communication infrastructure, Zetica’s industry-leading surveys can provide accurate characterisation of ground conditions to support the design process.


Traditional borehole and trial pit investigations are often insufficient to properly characterise the subsurface alone, and we can help reduce the risk and uncertainty that comes with over-reliance on these methods.


Indeed, our surveys provide resolution and area coverage far greater than is achievable with boreholes or probing – often identifying features that a borehole investigation would miss.


In short, Zetica’s geotechnical surveys can be the difference between your project running smoothly, or running into problems later down the line.

Why choose Zetica?


Through a combination of cutting-edge technology and an expert understanding of ground conditions, we produce robust survey designs that deliver exceptional, consistent results – even on the most challenging and changeable of sites.


But we don’t just hand over the findings when our work is done. With in-house staff boasting geotechnical and civil engineering knowledge, we can help you understand the survey results and interpret what they mean for your project.


That’s why our services are already used by leading consulting engineers, developers of major infrastructure projects and a wide range of energy, environmental and transport engineers.

How can our geo-technical surveys help you?


  • Mapping boundaries between soil and rock types
  • Measuring low-strain elastic moduli
  • Measuring rippability of bedrock
  • Contouring the depth to pile-bearing strata
  • Mapping the presence of groundwater
  • Locating sinkholes, voids and fractures
  • Mapping the extent of disturbed ground
  • Assessing the risk of trench collapse
  • Determining the need for cathodic protection on below-ground installations

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