Low-strain Elastic Moduli

In-situ surveys for in-depth results


Determination of low-strain elastic moduli is a fundamental parameter for ge-otechnical engineering, providing a key measure of soil strength and elasticity (e.g. Young’s modulus and Poisson’s ratios).


While these measures can be obtained through lab analysis of samples, our geophysical surveys offer the advantages of an in-situ test – providing a direct measure without the need to simulate certain conditions.


An expert in this field, Zetica has undertaken many projects of this type, working with geotechnical and structural engineers to inform the development of wind farms in the UK and skyscraper construction in the Middle East.


Wherever in the world you require our services for low-strain elastic moduli surveys, we’re flexible enough to deliver.

How we work


Every survey we conduct is bespoke designed to meet your needs and respond to the challenges relating to depth of interest and complexity of the ground. Detailed design of the survey is key, and ensures that the proposed techniques are appropriate for the anticipated site conditions.


Methods used for determining low-strain elastic moduli can typically include seismic refraction and reflection, cross hole and down/up hole seismic techniques, plus surface wave seismics including Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW).


Transmitting sufficient energy for some of these techniques (seismic refraction and reflection) may require accelerated weight drops or even explosives, but rest assured Zetica has the expertise to meet these requirements with minimum hassle and maximum safety.


Indeed, our surveys are designed and executed by highly experienced geophysicists, with data capture and processing overseen by PhD level senior geophysicists among the very best in the business.


We also have in-house geotechnical engineers to help you interpret the data – bringing you results that mean more.

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