Ground Stability

Putting your projects on a firm footing


By mapping ground conditions that may lead to potential ground and structural collapse, we help to ensure a solid base for your development projects.


Our ground stability surveys can be used to identify the ground best suited to development, or to monitor and assess ground movement that could threaten existing structures.


Ground instability can be caused by a variety of naturally occurring factors, such as changes in geology, groundwater or dissolution features in chalk and limestone. Man-made causes, such as mine working, basements, poorly compacted ground or weak structures could also put your developments at risk of structural collapse.


The unknown nature of the hazard makes survey design in this area particularly challenging, but at Zetica, we can deploy a wide range of techniques to cope with even the most complex of conditions – increasing the probability of effective characterisation in every case.

Why choose Zetica?


Widely acknowledged as a leading authority on ground stability surveys, our clients include government bodies like large utility and infrastructure companies, the Environment Agency and major infrastructure project stakeholders.


Clients recognise that our industry-leading survey methods promise an increased likelihood of detection, and deliver more accurate characterisation than traditional borehole and trial pit investigations alone.


Throughout our surveys, our experienced team of geophysicists regularly review and evaluate the data being collected, adjusting our approach and technique to increase effectiveness where necessary.


This iterative approach not only provides more accurate end results, but can also provide significant reductions in the survey cost.

How our ground stability surveys can help


  • Efficient identification of hazards without a dense grid of boreholes
  • An early warning system to identify when a failure could occur
  • Identifying potential hazards during construction to improve safety for heavy plant machinery
  • Revealing areas that require remediation
  • Identifying areas where trench stability is lower
  • Providing geotechnical information for structural designs

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