Reveal the hidden cavities that threaten your project


Whether small and shallow or vast and deep, underground cavities can put existing structures at risk – and put potential developments on hold.


At Zetica, we help you avoid those costly project delays and risks to health and safety, using a wide range of non-invasive geophysical surveys to map the sub-surface and reveal the hidden caves that could cause a collapse.


These geophysical methods can provide a survey resolution that can’t be economically or practically matched by traditional borehole investigations – and that’s why Zetica’s solutions are trusted by a wide range of major clients such as National Grid and Network Rail.


Indeed, we have a proven track record on cavity surveys, undertaking critical infrastructure projects including those in the nuclear industry.

Why Zetica?


Zetica is recognised as a world leader in the use of ground penetrating radar (GPR), a highly effective tool in determining the presence of cavities within and beneath structures.


In addition to GPR, we have a vast array of other techniques and technologies in our arsenal, enabling us to deal effectively with a wide range of target types and changing site conditions.


Site conditions (particularly Made Ground), existing structures and other features associated with brownfield sites can represent challenges to some of these methods, with some having a significant masking effect on certain techniques.


We therefore undertake detailed survey design ahead of every project, forward modelling our potential methods to derive the most appropriate techniques and yield the very clearest data.

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