Flood Defences

Non-intrusive flood defence inspection


Failing flood defences can have devastating consequences – but here at Zetica, we can help ensure the ongoing integrity of your structures through a wide range of non-intrusive survey techniques.


Our surveys help you detect changes in construction or infill material which may indicate compromised integrity of your flood defence structure, whether that be earth embankments, quay walls, canal walls, spillways or dam walls.


Indeed, flood defence structures come in all shapes and sizes, so inspection solutions must be uniquely tailored to achieve the best results.

At Zetica, we embrace a wide range of methods to meet your objectives every time:


  • Seismic profiling for shear strength and/or bedrock depth
  • Electrical resistivity imaging for voids, fractures or water flow paths
  • Electrical self potential for direct detection of flowing fluids
  • Infrared thermometry for remote detection of water seepage at the surface of a structure
  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR) for void detection, structural integrity and utility service location
  • Permanent above- or below-ground installations for long-term monitoring

Excellent results for leading organisations


By utilising these non-intrusive geophysical methods to investigate flood defence structures, we’ve been able to provide excellent results for the likes of the Environment Agency and British Waterways.


Crucially, as well as designing and executing the surveys, we also offer our experience in interpreting the data collected – which can be provided in a wide range of GIS- and BIM-compatible formats for easy integration with customer databases.


While providing insightful data to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of your flood defences, our non-intrusive surveys can also help cut costs compared to more invasive investigations – making Zetica the ideal choice for flood management engineers, national parks, home builders and more.

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