Pavement Scanning

High-speed pavement surveys for minimal disruption


Through a high-speed GPR (ground penetrating radar) system developed specifically for road use, Zetica can provide detailed insights on pavement construction, layer thickness and defects like voids and cracks.


A world leader in GPR, we are able to accurately register these roadside features at speeds in excess of 80km per hour – allowing pavement surveys to be carried out with little or no adverse affect on traffic flow.


Having passed the GPR performance trial for The Transport Research Laboratory, we are certified to undertake high-speed pavement surveys on the motorway and all-purpose trunk-road networks.

Multi-sensor pavement scanning


Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a key tool in pavement engineering studies, and can significantly enhance the data obtained through other survey methods – such as deflectograph measurements and falling weight deflectometer (FWD) tests.


Our specialist survey vehicles can also be equipped with multi-sensor pavement scanning systems, which can include 3D lasers and linescan cameras to image the pavement surface whilst GPR scans below.


This multi-sensor approach allows us to…


  • Map construction changes and pavement-layer thicknesses
  • Map deterioration in concrete bridge decks
  • Map location and alignment of dowel bars
  • Detect voids and delamination
  • Detect wet spots
  • Locate cracks
  • Detect utilities

Discuss your project with us…


To speak to one of our geophysical engineers about our pavement scanning services, please just call us on (0)1993 886 682 or contact us online.