Route Selection Surveys

Setting you straight on hidden hazards


When you’re selecting a route for the laying of road, rail, pipeline or cable, Zetica’s high-productivity multi-sensor surveys can point you in the right direction.


We deliver detailed corridor-wide information to give you full confidence in the selected route, providing valuable insight on potential buried hazards as well as overburden material and moisture change.


In delivering route selection surveys, access to public and private land can often be one of the greatest challenges – but here at Zetica, we have many years experience in dealing sensitively with the public.


What’s more, we can deploy multi-sensor towed platforms to minimise the impact on any standing crops and ensure that the survey can be completed in one pass.


This simplifies negotiations, cuts the cost of compensation claims and saves valuable time and money.

Why Zetica?


Our experienced team of geophysicists offer unrivalled expertise in the field, having provided route selection surveys for the likes of National Grid and Highways England.


We design and review the survey prior to commencement, and continue to review the survey throughout the project, providing daily progress reports that detail data quality and all public interactions.


Through this constant evaluation of data, we can adjust our approach to increase effectiveness wherever necessary – with a range of techniques and technologies at our disposal to get the very best results.

Discuss a route selection project with us…


To speak to one of our geophysical engineers about your project, please just call (0)1993 886 682 or contact us online.