Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)

Unrivalled expertise on UXO risk


ZeticaUXO is the UK’s most trusted specialist on Unexploded Ordnance, providing a full range of services to help you assess, manage and mitigate UXO risk.


Through objective desk studies, risk assessment and site investigation, we provide a clear and detailed understanding of UXO hazards to help you to make an informed judgement on mitigation – with our own specialist EOD teams available in the event that bomb disposal is required.


At Zetica, we understand that UXO is an emotive issue, but via our diligent and thorough approach, we can provide the safety assurances that you and your stakeholders need – as well as providing significant cost savings by avoiding unnecessary mitigation work.


Where risks are identified, we’ll work with you on the best plan of action to maximise safety and minimise disruption on your site.

Why choose Zetica for UXO?


Globally acknowledged as a leading authority in UXO, Zetica’s objective advice is trusted by the likes of the Environment Agency, large utilities companies and gov-ernment bodies such as Homes England.


Our UXO services have set the quality benchmark for the industry, and we continue to provide the most detailed UXO risk assessments in the business today – ensuring the most in-depth understanding possible of the hazards on your land.


In our experience, significant mitigation work is rarely required, and is often under-taken only as a result of inadequate risk assessment. While never understating the risk, we take an objective approach that ensures the appropriate course of action is taken in all cases.

Our UXO services at a glance…


  • Detailed desk studies and risk assessments
  • Peer review of third-party risk assessments and detection surveys
  • Expert guidance and advice on options to mitigate identified risks
  • Liaison with local authorities on your behalf
  • Low-impact disposal operations, carried out by highly trained, experienced EOD engineers

Want to know more?


To discuss your requirements with one of our UXO experts, please just call +44 (0)1993 886682.