UXO Disposal

Maximum safety, minimal disruption


Whether it’s pro-actively detected through UXO investigation or unexpectedly found during development, the discovery of a dangerous UXO hazard will naturally cause concern.


At Zetica, we can support you in both these scenarios, undertaking both planned UXO disposal following investigation, and swift, rapid-response EOD operations when an unex-pected find occurs.


In both instances, we pride ourselves on disposing of UXO hazards in a safe, discreet manner, without unduly concerning the public. Local residents are unlikely to even know we were even there on site.

Our expertise in UXO disposal


When a UXO hazard is discovered, our Explosive Ordnance Clearance (EOC) engineers are on hand to provide identification and assessment of the item. These EOC engineers are vastly experienced and military-trained, mostly through the Defence Explosive Ordnance Disposal School (DEODS).


Our EOC engineers then work with our EOD operatives (qualified in line with the requirements of the Institute of Explosives Engineers) to dispose of the item in the safest possible way.


Highly experienced in the technical nature of bomb disposal, we’re also well versed in managing the process – maintaining control of the site without enforcing wide evacuation zones, and ensuring clear, unambiguous communication with all relevant stakeholders.


Using this methodology, we’ve carried out successful disposal projects for the likes of Homes England, the RSPB and Network Rail, delivering maximum safety and minimal disruption on every occasion.

Talk to us about UXO


To discuss your requirements with one of our UXO experts, please just call (0)1993 886 682 or contact us online. For more details on our bomb disposal services, you can also visit zeticauxo.com.