UXO Risk Assessment

Clear, objective and unambiguous advice


At Zetica, we undertake the most detailed UXO risk assessments in the industry, in order to provide full peace of mind to our clients.


Preliminary desk studies are offered free of charge, and as we are not reliant on follow-up mitigation work as a primary revenue stream, you’re always assured of objective, impartial advice.


As part of our UXO risk assessments, we undertake thorough archival research for your specific site, and provide corroborative evidence for our conclusions. In the vast majority of cases, this detailed research leads us to confidently conclude a low UXO hazard level – allaying safety concerns as well as reducing the potential cost of additional mitigation work.


However, where risks are identified, we’re ready to work with you on the best plan of action – with expert on-site investigation and UXO disposal services also available.

A track record on UXO


Widely recognised as a leader in UXO, we’ve performed UXO risk assessments for virtually every major engineering and construction consultancy in the UK, as well as government bodies, local authorities, ground investigation firms and CDM co-ordinators.


We also offer our services on a smaller scale, able to provide UXO support to any individual or organisation thinking of developing a site, including homeowners building house extensions.


Regardless of your site or project size, you’ll have access to the same exceptional UXO expertise at Zetica.

Book a preliminary risk assessment


To book a free preliminary UXO risk assessment, please just give our team a call on (0)1993 886 682. You can also visit zeticauxo.com for more details.