Utility Mapping

Utility detection to reduce project risk


Damaging an underground utility service can have serious health, safety and environmental consequences – not to mention financial and reputational repercussions.


At Zetica, we help mitigate these risks, providing you with a uniquely detailed picture of the pipework, cabling and other utilities infrastructure sitting below your site.


This can inform the diversion of essential services, or ensure that any excavations, construction or exploratory work can be safely positioned away from existing utilities.


We conduct our utility detection surveys in line with PAS128, the BSI’s standard specification for underground utility detection, verification and location – but we’re focused on solving problems, not just ticking boxes.


Recognising that detection methods vary in effectiveness depending on the site, we combine our in-house suite of class-leading equipment with an in-depth understanding of site conditions to provide a truly tailored service and optimal results every time.

Why choose Zetica for utilities mapping?


Zetica is an industry leader in utilities detection, trusted by some of the UK’s largest utility companies as well as government bodies like Homes England and the Environment Agency.


While we often deploy standard techniques such as radio frequency location and ground penetrating radar, it’s our expertise that sets us apart – understanding that, sometimes, what hasn’t been detected is just as important as what has.


Where required, we can also provide clients with a smartly integrated approach to utility services detection. Through a combination of passive and active techniques, we can advise on other in-ground features as part of the project – providing detailed information on buried tanks, piles, infilled ground and depth to bedrock.

Our utility services at a glance…


  • Surveying to any of the specified PAS128 or ASCE levels
  • Enhanced utility services detection for sites unsuitable for industry-standard techniques
  • CAD drawings of detected utility services
  • Marking out cable or pipe locations
  • Statutory undertaker plans in CAD format

Keen to find out more?


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