Dense Urban Areas

Utility surveys in busy towns and cities


A recognised leader in utilities detection, Zetica has a proven track record of utility service mapping in even the most dense and congested urban zones.


Our utility surveys are provided by highly trained, experienced utility surveyors and geo-physicists, who combine expert knowledge of utility systems with clear detection data to provide an accurate map of utility service infrastructure.


We conduct our utility detection surveys in line with PAS128, the BSI’s standard specification for underground utility detection, verification and location. In doing so, we provide an assured standard to give you full confidence in our findings – enabling you to progress your project plans without stumbling upon any hidden surprises.


Crucially, where detection methods provide lower guarantees, we deliver clear communication to ensure the appropriate caution is taken during future intrusive works.

Typical detection methods


In busy urban areas, PAS128 Type B Method 3 detection techniques routinely deployed include RFL (radio frequency location) on ~1m grid, GPR (ground penetrating radar) on ~1m orthogonal grid or a high-density GPR array with <10cm line spacing.


In congested city areas, Type B Method 4 detection methods often apply, including RFL on ~0.5m grid and GPR on ~0.5m orthogonal grid or a high-density GPR array with <10cm line spacing.


These detection methods can be enhanced by data processing and interpretation services, and the production of CAD drawings. Zetica is an industry leader in the provision of accurate drawings for practical use on site – including via smartphones using a GIS app.

Our experience in PAS128 surveys for dense urban zones


Among our extensive work in the utility detection area, we’ve supported the HS2 rail project – carrying out thousands of borehole clearance surveys and many kilometres of corridor surveys to map for buried utilities.


We’ve also carried out numerous utility surveys in dense urban areas for the Environment Agency, and executed a 400km-long utilities survey for a railroad company in the Middle East.

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