Utility detection in a suburban environment


When you’re carrying out construction or development work in a complex suburban setting, Zetica’s geophysical utility surveys help provide a vital understanding of the infrastructure beneath your site.


Surveying to any of the specified PAS128 or ASCE levels, we help you pinpoint underground pipework, cabling and utilities to help you avoid damaging existing services during invasive work.


In suburban areas, PAS128 Type B Method 2 detection techniques are typically deployed, including RFL (radio frequency location) on ~2m grid and GPR (ground penetrating radar) on ~2m orthogonal grid. This can be complemented by a high-density GPR array.


However, we recognise that many sites are unsuited to industry-standard techniques, and therefore also offer a range of alternative, non-standard techniques that provide greater potential for accurate detection.


These include techniques that might not typically be used to locate utility services, but that we know from experience will be effective in certain environments.

Our experience…


Leaders in the field of utility detection, we’ve been providing support to infrastructure owners, utility companies, house builders and agencies around the world for many years.


Recently involved on the HS2 rail project in the UK and major railroad development in the Middle East, we’ve also worked extensively with the Environment Agency – executing numerous utility surveys in suburban and rural areas for flood defence schemes across the country.


This wide-ranging experience – coupled with an understanding of site conditions, statutory services plans and knowledge of the intended site use – enables us to design intelligent, apposite surveys for all kinds of environment.


For example, a PAS128 Type B Method 4 survey may be relevant in urban areas, but not cost effective in rural areas with very sparse services. In this case, a Type B Method 1 or Method 2 survey would be recommended.

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