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3D GPR Trolley System

Zetica - e-news

Recent utilities mapping projects

  • CrossRail
  • Paddington Station
  • Birmingham (large city wide scheme)
  • Central Edinburgh
  • Didcot Power Station
  • Victoria docks
  • Reading Station upgrade
  • Environment Agency flood defence schemes


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Our highest level of utility services detection yet!

Zetica has unveiled its new 3D GPR trolley system, providing what is probably the most detailed and highest level of utility services detection available in the UK.

Zetica - e-news
Zetica’s Senior Geophysicist demonstrates the system to colleagues

Zetica - e-news

Zetica’s CEO Dr Asger Eriksen unveils the 3D GPR trolley at Zetica’s head office in Oxfordshire.


Multichannel and multi-frequency

Due to the 3D GPR system’s multiple channels combined with multiple frequencies, it effectively offers a detection capability similar to having several radar systems linked together.

The radar antennas transmission frequency ranges from 100MHz to 3GHz and enables the system to detect both targets at depth as well as provide high resolution imagery of smaller shallow targets.

Zetica designed and constructed the 3D GPR trolley to enable fast collection of high quality radar data on a wide range of sites. The system’s overall capabilities means client’s get much better value for money with less time on site required to collect data and more accurate maps based on more detailed information.

System can be used very close to existing structures thus improving survey coverage

Zetica - e-news

The 3D GPR trolley can also be used on narrow pavements where the wheels on one side can run on the road at a lower height whilst the antenna array is maintained horizontal over the pavement edge.

The 3D GPR system’s capabilities extend to pavement and runway surveys with short and wide array sizes available depending on the application.

Zetica’s CEO Dr Asger Eriksen said ‘We are very excited by the opportunities our new system provides to deliver even more detailed maps of buried services. Coupled with good survey design and accurate mapping the 3D GPR system has enabled us to raise the bar for excellence in buried services mapping.”’

If you want to know more or wish to have a survey undertaken using this system, please contact us.


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