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Customise your GroundCheck service

Each GroundCheck application is customised for your site. Please select the appropriate survey options and submit this form for further information. Or, to discuss which GroundCheck options would deliver the best value for your site, please contact groundcheck@zetica.com, tel: +44 (0)1993 886682.

Desk study:

Utility services (compilation of statutory plans)

Phase I Contamination

SiteSafe UXO risk (including UXB)

Topographic surveying:

Current site map, boundaries, above-ground features and topography

Non-intrusive geophysical survey:

Buried obstructions & other hazards

Underground storage tanks
Voids and pits

Mineshafts and adits

Utility services (verify known)

Utility services (map all including unknown)

SiteSafe UXO (detect, identify and remove)

Archaeological remains

Low strain elastic moduli


Bedrock depth, fracture zones, rippability

Ground investigation:
Combined contamination and geotechnical
Gas & groundwater monitoring
Please provide a brief description of your site, including its shape, layout, terrain, the above-ground features (e.g., structures and vegetation) that would be present during investigation and any other relevant information.
Site postcode:
Site Area (m2):
Your name:
Company name:
Please supply a valid email address.Please supply a valid email address.

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