Shine a light on mineshaft locations


Mine shafts and voids represent a perilous hazard to developers in areas of former mining activity, with a collapse during construction a real risk to life.


This is true even on sites where records of mines are readily available, as the precise location and nature of the shaft typically remains unknown.


The risk of collapse therefore remains even after a development has been completed, unless the mineworkings have been accurately mapped – but finding buried mines through traditional borehole techniques can be hit and miss.


Whilst non-invasive detection of mineworkings is challenging and not always feasible, the plethora of geophysical techniques at our disposal help us to optimise the chances of detection.


A phased approach can reduce time required on site, cut costs and crucially ensure the safety of your people, plant machinery and property – while allowing us to identify other hazardous buried features across your site at the same time.

Our experience in mineworking surveys


Here at Zetica, we’ve undertaken geophysical mine surveys for a wide range of high-profile clients – from local authorities and construction companies to railway operators like Network Rail and utility providers such as National Grid.


While coal is the most common type of mine to target, we also have experience in surveying the tin mines prevalent in the South West and the chalk mines of the South East.


With any type of geophysical mineworking survey, the primary challenge is usually the lack of information available on the target. The location of a mine shaft may be known, but there is often no further information on whether it is capped or backfilled (and what it might be backfilled with).


To maximise the likelihood of detection an appropriate survey design is critical. Our experience can ensure the right advice and a successful survey outcome.

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